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Welcome to MailBox Manager

In here you can see a list of your ships (or Remote Users to the GTMaritime service) and at a glance you can see when they last connected to the system.
In addition you are able to:
  • Check Contents of Ships Mailbox
  • Delete Mail from Ships Mailbox
  • Forward Messages from Ships Mailbox
  • View, Change, Add & Modify the Filters for Messages sent to the Mailbox
  • Set and Adjust PrePay settings for Third Party Senders
  • Set Alarms to inform you when the mailbox has too much data for download
  • Set Alarms to inform you when the ship or Remote User is connecting too often
  • Set an Alarm to inform you of the next connection
  • View and Set Alerts to inform the Ship or Remote User that there is an Urgent message waiting in the mailbox
  • View & Print Mailbox Details
  • View Airtime Used and Calculate an Approximate Airtime Charge
  • Check Frequency of Ships Connections
  • Check Quality of Ships Connections
  • Check amount of Data Transferred on each call
If you are not already a user, please contact GTMaritime Support to register for this product.


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